Next Milestone Approaches

My next PhD milestone is my Mid-Candidature Review. I have obviously known this was happening for just a little while now and the last six months have been focused on getting the review report into good shape. I have changed the topic since I reported about it last to Contested Ideas of the University: Enabling... Continue Reading →

University Management

My PhD is no longer on university managers, but I still keep reading about what can only be described as the¬†amorphous blob that is university management. When I was a university manager, I always felt this was an unfair term to use when complaining about a new policy or a change in approach or (if... Continue Reading →

A social PhD

I'm waiting for approval of my change of topic and conversion from a practice based PhD to a conceptual one. In the meantime, I am thinking about how to get some impact from the process, some findings that matter for people in work in universities. I am sure I can write a good theoretical PhD... Continue Reading →

University Futures

I started a web site in 2006 called University Futures and shifted it over to Google+ in the last couple of years. I also have a Facebook page for University Futures. It's a topic that obviously means something to me. I spent 28 years of my working life in universities and I liked working in... Continue Reading →

Yet another shift – but the last one!

It is true that when you start a PhD, you start with a topic in mind. A topic that you think is important, critical, urgent and one that¬†will not change. When I started my PhD in 1998 or thereabouts, I was convinced the relationship between university managers and academics was the topic for me. I... Continue Reading →

Running into a brick wall

It's an interesting experience when a data collection process that seems logical when you design it turns out to be a complete failure when it hits the real world. This happened to me when I set out to enlist people to share their views about university management for my research. The first attempt garnering a... Continue Reading →

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