A Constraining Idea of the University

I started to write a social media post about this but realised I couldn't fit in what I needed to say in that format, even with Twitter's 280 characters. The Times Higher Education allows partner emails and a few days ago I got one about The University of Sydney's new campaign on 'unlearning'. Nice word,... Continue Reading →

Thanks for dropping by …

Thanks for dropping by Maree's Doctorate, a journal about my learning and research experience in my PhD at Swinburne University of Technology. This blog is my reflective journal, as well as a repository for presentations and other artifacts that I produce along the way. It's sort of weirdly indulgent to share one's PhD journal, and I'm... Continue Reading →

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University Management

My PhD is no longer on university managers, but I still keep reading about what can only be described as the amorphous blob that is university management. When I was a university manager, I always felt this was an unfair term to use when complaining about a new policy or a change in approach or (if... Continue Reading →

Yet another shift – but the last one!

It is true that when you start a PhD, you start with a topic in mind. A topic that you think is important, critical, urgent and one that will not change. When I started my PhD in 1998 or thereabouts, I was convinced the relationship between university managers and academics was the topic for me. I... Continue Reading →

Personal Memo 1

I come to this doctoral study via two routes. One is my 28 year career as a university manager and my involvement with the Association of Tertiary Education Management during that time. The second is my second career as a strategic foresight practitioner. My career as a manager started in 1979 in a new university (Griffith University) where... Continue Reading →

Becoming a researcher

I wrote a post on my Thinking Futures site today about my mind shifting away from the Tertiary Education Administration Conference - letting go of a past that took up almost 30 years of my life is, as I said in the post, always a bit sad. At the end of the post I wrote:My... Continue Reading →

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