The real work starts now

I had my mid-candidature review session in October and I've had a break from all things PhD for a few weeks now. The review session went well, some very excellent feedback and comments from the panel which have reinforced my desire to get this PhD done. Many thanks must go to my supervisor Joseph Voros... Continue Reading →

2013 Faculty Progress Presentation

In order to fulfill Faculty progress requirements, I needed to present to an open Faculty forum which I did in December 2013. The form of the powerpoint template and report was highly specified which I understand but which is annoying. My topic at this stage was The Future of University Management  and this is what I... Continue Reading →

PhD Confirmation Milestone Reached

I spent most of the first half of this year working up to my PhD confirmation presentation which happened this month. I'm waiting for the bit of paper to say I'm official, and can proceed with my PhD. The process of getting the proposal in order was challenging not only because I had to keep... Continue Reading →

Creative Universities Conference

This presentation was at my first real life 'academic' conference. It was small and cliquey but my my supervisor was there so all good. I attended the conference on her recommendation and presented on my research with a 'creative' twist to make it fit the conference theme - which I did badly. It shows my devotion... Continue Reading →

Hub Melbourne Presentation

Hub Melbourne (Melbourne) 11 December 2012 A presentation to the folks at Hub Melbourne on the future of learning. This was a great conversation across the implications of changes now occuring in learning design and delivery, both within and outside universities. This work forms part of the context for my research on university management -... Continue Reading →

University Management: A Strategic Orphan

Tertiary Education Management Conference (Adelaide) September 2012 Abstract The environment in which universities exist has been changing rapidly for some years now and university managers are living that change every day.  In particular, the way in which learning and research experiences are designed and delivered in under continuing pressure from ‘disrupting’ forces pushing in on... Continue Reading →

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